Aurora DMS

A fast, automatic, reliable solution for your digital archive.

Solution carefully designed to allow you significant savings in money and time, as well as to operate in accordance with the law on electronic archives that comes into force on January 1, 2024.

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Reducing the time required for archiving electronic documentation

Aurora DMS can reduce the time needed to scan, enter the necessary metadata about the document and archive the document in two ways, namely:
Using the Aurora DMS mobile application

Use the Aurora DMS mobile application for fast, reliable and high-quality on-site indexing. You don't have to go to the scanner, scan and then look for the scanned file. Instead, scan the document using the Aurora DMS mobile app for instant archiving into a digital archive.

The saving is in time but also in money, because you will no longer need a classic scanner.

Using OCR engines to read indexing meta data from the document itself

Enter metadata about each document by reading it from the document itself using OCR mechanisms, barcodes or QR codes.

Reduce the costs of printing and scanning documents, but also save the planet by using a handwritten digital signature

Instead of printing a document, by using the functionality of a handwritten digital signature, you can avoid printing documents and the cost of archiving physical documents by adding your handwritten signature directly to the digital document.

Automatic indexing


Automatically index your incoming and outgoing invoices by setting Aurora DMS to do it for you.


Automatically index your email by setting Aurora DMS to do it for you.


Aurora DMS can "listen" to an email address and automatically archive all emails sent to a given email address together with the attachments that were sent.


Aurora DMS has a rich system of webhooks and REST APIs that can enable any integration with your ERP or CRM. If it is necessary to develop additional modules that would enable this integration, our team of engineers is ready to fulfill that request.

Qualified digital signature

We have experience with integrations with a qualified electronic signature of the Republic of Serbia. That's why we developed a module that can facilitate the process of signing with a qualified digital certificate and automatically store the signed document in a digital archive.

Ticketing system

If your business model uses documentation such as orders, complaints and the like as the starting point for processes within the company, we have developed a ticketing system that allows you to:

  • Tasks are created automatically after archiving the documentation
  • Assign to appropriate team for processing
  • To monitor the realization of the tasks themselves, as well as the communication within the processing of the tasks
  • To follow all this with powerful reports that can give you additional insight into the quality of process execution in your company

A1: A Million-Euro Success Story

To illustrate the immense potential of Aurora DMS, let's take a look at a real-world case study involving A1 Serbia. The initial situation at A1 Serbia was characterized bz the need for instant scanning, reduced vendor scanning costs, decreased print volume, and improvement ticketing and reporting.

By implementing Aurora DMS, A1 achived:

  • Instant document scanning, eliminating the need for external vendors.
  • Drastic reductions in printed documentation.
  • Enhanced ticketing and reposting, leading to more efficient processes.
  • A substantial reduction in physical document storage requirements.

In total, A1 Serbia realized saving of up to 1 million euros through the adoptation of Aurora DMS!