SEF Konektor

SEF Konektor connects your information system with the Electronic Invoice System (SEF)

SEF Konektor is used by

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What does the SEF Konektor do?

SEF Konektor can help you automatedly send and receive invoices from SEF, without or with minimal changes in your information system.

How does that work?

SEF Konektor downloads invoices in a format that your information system already supports, with file transfer technology that it already supports and registers them in SEF. Likewise for incoming invoices - import of incoming invoices using the file transfer format and technology that your system already supports.

How fast?

The time required for installation and setup of such a system is 10 working days. If it is necessary to make additional modifications to the SEF Konektor in order to adapt to your specific requirements, this time increases, so it is advisable to start as soon as possible!

Additional benefits of SEF Konektor

SEF Konektor also implements functionalities that facilitate your daily work related to electronic invoices:
Monitoring changes in the status of invoices on SEF

SEF Konektor can notify your information system about invoice status changes at the same moment when the change occurs on SEF.

Automating the acceptance or rejection of invoices

SEF Konektor can be set to automatically accept or reject invoices an agreed number of days after receipt of the invoice.

Identification of invoices that should not be automatically registered in SEF

It may happen that the invoice downloaded by SEF Konektor does not contain all the information it should, such as attachments or advance invoice information. We may identify such invoices and not register them with SEF.

Manual registration of invoices

If you have XLSX templates that you use to create invoices today, you can replace them with our XSLX template invoice and register them in SEF via the SEF Konektor Dashboard.

SEF Konektor Dashboard

You manually upload invoices, accept or reject the invoice, monitor the status of all your invoices through the SEF Konektor Dashboard user interface.

Invoice formats

Your system can send and accept invoices in any of the following formats, and it is the SEF Konektor's responsibility to prepare invoices in the XML UBL 2.1 format accepted by SEF:

  • VDA4938
  • iDoc
  • JSON
  • Excel
  • UBL

If none of the already supported formats fits your operating system, it is possible to arrange a special format for you.